Is that Howard Temen?

Number 94 appears to be a bit out of place in the assembly of legendary long haired rockers that is the Rock-n-Roll Theatre. Is it possible the artist, Howard Temen, included himself amongst his friends and heroes in this classic ‘who’s who’ of famous rock-n-roll artists? After all Howard is a talented musician himself having played percussion and keyboards on Guns and Roses’ Use Your Illusions II. Artist have been including themselves in their masterpieces since before Michelangelo painted his own likeness in The Last Judgment on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The placement of what could be Temen’s portrait in the center of the poster’s back row also supports the argument. Is that a pitcher of beer in his right hand?

The process of elimination might be the best way to determine if the shaven-head man in the back row is indeed Howard Temen. To reveal entire key except for number 94 might be the only way to prove the theory with any certainty.
Howard Temen

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Howard Temen is a legendary pop-culture artist who has created numerous posters and drawings over the years.  His artwork covers the spectrum of all subjects captivating and provocative.  Like the Rock-n-Roll Theatre poster, many of his drawings incite a ‘who’s who’ of celebrity faces.

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Help Fill in the Blanks

Can you imagine all of the great characters in Rock-n-Roll history getting together in the same place at the same time?  Howard Temen has illustrated this concept in his monumental poster titled Rock-n-Roll Theatre.  On first glance we notice many familiar faces, but even a knowledgeable rock historian would be hard-pressed to identify every musician.  Now there is a website dedicated to naming all 173 rockers in this classic poster with collaborative input.

If you see an artist you recognize don’t hesitate to leave a comment and help solve this Rock-n-Roll puzzle.